it's a long thursday over here, folks. a loooooong thursday.

exciting news: anthony and i are house hunting. we're getting pre-approved right now and will be going out on sunday to look at some homes. this whole process so far has been way easier than we thought, unless we're overlooking a lot of stuff. it'll be nice to have a house where i can garden and paint and relax. and where the cats can frolic and lounge. oh, and to have a real dinner table at which to sit!!

we're hoping to have it all done in just a few months, our lease is up at the end of november. the good news is that i have surprisingly and insanely good credit.

i feel like there's so much i want to say, but all my brain power is going to my stomach right now, since it's after lunch.


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Michelle said...

Woohoo! Have fun house-hunting! I think the things that surprised me about buying a house were: 1)remembering to set aside money for fixing up the new place... even if it's just paint; 2)remember to find out about property taxes; 3)remember to find out about home owners insurance (a total bitch in Florida) and 4)remember to have fun with it! I got so anxious through the process (surprise, surprise), but hey - we own a home. We're big kids now :)

Have fun! And congrats on the good credit!! Woohoo, indeed!