a la pigpen



after updating computer images at one of our branch libraries, we stopped by a cute little spanish market cafe to get some cafe con leche. back at the office, every time i went to drink, what seemed to be a little gnat (or possibly fruit fly) would fly around the edge of the cup, counterclockwise. every. single. time. i felt like pigpen. what the hell?! i realized that perhaps it was a strand of my hair, blowing the same way when i breathed out my nose while drinking. i just couldn't catch it fast enough with my eye to confirm.

and then, i wondered if, like coke addicts, i was seeing things on the edge of my periphery, as coke addicts are wont to do. i guess they are apt to see bugs or some such flitting objects/lights just out of range of their vision. i mean, c'mon! i've never even done coke, but i was thinking i was having the same symptoms - these are the kinds of thoughts going through my mind as of late.

so i took the lid off the coffee and the bug seems to be gone. i even tried breathing out through my nose while drinking, but no bug, just fogged-up glasses. can you believe me? what is going on here?! next i'll be pouring coffee on my shirt for some reason, just to be sure the bug is gone and won't be attracted to the spilled coffee. and to make sure i'm not a coke addict. trust me, it'll make sense in my head.

just pat my hand and put me to bed and tuck in the covers.

... or, rather, plop me somewhere nice, a spot of shade in a park on a nice bit of blanket, hand me a mimosa and read to me. that would be nice. could i also request a fun straw? thanks.

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