written to and for meaghan... who requested more posts


btw - craig, i'm sorry i missed your birthday! i meant to call, but then it slipped by and then i felt like a loser, so instead i'll do it via blog post, which is even lamer, however, it's just going to have to do. you're ok with that, right? oh, good. happy birthday! i'll make it up to you by cleaning the kitchen next girlfriend sweatshop weekend. or maybe by taking more photos of you with your kids, and not blurry photos of you on your knees cleaning up spilled dry pasta from the floor.


it's been hot lately. hot and muggy. my mind appears to have utterly vanished. have you seen it? send it home, if you would. maybe junie can lick it clean. i'm going to blame my uterus and my ear canals. they've been pained and wonky, respectively. thankfully the pain has gone, but the wonkiness remains. at the worst times, i keep listing dangerously to the side, like a waterlogged ship at sea. walking in to borders, i almost fell on top of a man and his table while heading towards the cafe. it was seriously an almost 90 degree tilt at the waist. my hair may have brushed his pastry. i didn't even look back, i was so embarrassed. just kept on walking, straight for the coffee. some ear drops are in order. or hydrogen peroxide. or one of those diminutive bamboo/jade ear spoon-scoops. with a lucky red tassel on the end.

anyways, i am now well sorted in my new office with a lovely semi-private cubicle. the lack of windows is a little sad and i may need better lighting and bigger photos, but overall, i like it. or rather, it's acceptable. thoughts of death by pen stabbing don't race through my head, so that's a big plus sign (+).

an even bigger plus sign (+) is that i put something new up on my website. check it out when you're bored! it's not anywhere near finished, it was just me playing with the web tools that lightroom has to offer. there are some really crappy photos mixed in there, could you let me know which ones i should just take out? if you have the time, of course. (actually, this applies to all 3 of my readers - get to it!) i may put a little craigslist ad out there to bulk up my portfolio. yay!

UGH, but a big minus sign (-) is that i haven't thought of a name yet. it's been a long arduous process of looking a fruits and flowers and then looking through many of my favorite books trying to find names and phrases that might work or fit. dangerous angels, watership down, the diaries of paul klee... i am probably overthinking it. i even thought of going with 'dolce zucchero', but that ends up sounding like boudoir photography when translated (sweet sugar!). ... i am definitely overthinking this. but when i go with something i like off the top of my head, things like 'lop chong & oolong' end up being the result. that was the first iteration of a name for my craft "business". lop chong being delicious fatty chinese sausage and oolong being, well, my favorite tea. sausage and tea?!

right now i am hopeless. i'm going to drink some water, finish up my day and have a good dinner. then i'm going to relax. miss you!



Sleep Goblin said...

1. ear problems suck. mine have never been that bad, but my ears act up all the time.

2. on my way!

3. diaries of paul klee? like the artist? i didn't know there was such a thing. please enlighten me.

lepetitdoodler said...

checked out the photos on your website and i think they're beautiful. very jealous of talented photogs... you, madge and her man :)

i live for chinese ear scoops. roomies in college thought they were nasty, but i think ear bats are even nastier!

g'luck thinking up a name! think you've got a luck to work with as is!