night time walks

tonight is hot and steamy, but in the best florida way possible. like you just want to take a long walk in the night - the weather is perfect. i just walked back from rachel's house where she and i and lawrence watched a few episodes of lost. absolutely lovely. times like this i absolutely love florida. my apartment complex is really quite green and lush, so at night after a hard and crashing storm, everything is messy and crunchy and glows in the lamplight. the air is warm and the puddles are cold. you can tell that the fall is coming.

anthony is unfortunately home sick, but can i say how proud of him i am that he went to the doctor's and got some meds? anthony + sick never ends well - the boy needs his meds. he's been home the last 2 days, which i am sure he needed.

anyways, i'm feeling good that tomorrow is friday and i get to spend a few hours at the grand opening of one of our libraries. lots of talk and talk and talk from commissioners and directors and frou frou people, but i'm excited all the same. the community is one that is really excited that the library has been razed and completely rebuilt.

shower time for me. and then bed and clean sheets and warm feline fur against the tummy. hope all is well with everyone else.



Sleep Goblin said...

temperature here is still unchanging. i keep thinking it's june, or july. i'm listening to the animal, miracle, vegetable audiobook, and she's talking about summer foods, and i keep thinking, ooh, i should try that, it's in season. and then i wonder to myself what the date is.. mid-june? early july? it's vacation time, right?

and then i remember, and think, oh fuck, it's already mid-september!!

i'm starting to understand why the native califorians i've met are seriously cracked.

lepetitdoodler said...

your description is perfection.
i actually felt your floridian fall weather...
for but a split second.

it's still quite warm here in los angeles...
i miss san francisco.
i miss crunchy.
i miss fall.