giving in


i gave in and bought the lens. and? I LOVE IT.

35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX AF Nikkor Lens

check that - it's like greek. "G" means it doesn't have an aperture ring, AF-S means autofocus silent. DX means that it's geared specifically for digital frame cameras, which i still don't fully understand.

though, i finally feel like i'm getting a handle on differences between how a digital frame camera handles a lens vs a full frame camera. for instance, this is a 35mm lens, but on my digital frame camera, it looks like a 50mm lens. fascinating. (but why call it DX?! argh!) i'd love to have bought a full frame digital slr camera, but alas, they are still out of my reach.

there's a photo shop in tampa where i attempted to buy the lens, but they never responded to my email query about their inventory! come on, people! i had to buy this thing from best buy. granted, i did get an awesome deal and spent $50 less than i originally thought i'd be spending, but i still feel dirty. it's like you expect to get more personal attention from a small independent store, so what gives, north tampa photo? you just lost a transaction with your negligence.

the auto focus is fast and so damn sleek. my eyes are so bad and in low light they are even worse. i'm so stoked to use the AF! plus, it came with a cute lens hood. *le sigh*

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