today i am hanging by a microscopic spider thread. every little thing at work is driving me to the brink of batshit crazy.

i'm not sleeping well and the delicious blue moon i had last night did not help! though it was, as noted, delicious. maybe i needed 3 more. i just lay and lay and lay and... no sleep. or, at least, it feels like no sleep. all week!

oh, and the humidity!! (said as if the hindenburg was going down. just like my patience. in flames.)

it's killer outside in the mornings.

ending this now, because really, if i continue thusly, it will only be more of the same.

** just remembered i have some hot chocolate in my purse. maybe i'll turn on the fan in my cube and have some. yes, yes, capital.


Sleep Goblin said...

just a couple days over two weeks before you're here, and we have NO humidity!!! but bring a jacket. i think it feels absolutely marvelous outside, but i have a feeling you'll be chilly.

madge said...

oh the humidity!! (seriously, wtf? it's killer over on this coast too.)

i hope the hot chocolate helped...! because i am going to *assume* hanging in the library for the remainder of the day didn't do you any extra favors. :)