mini vacation!

up and up

really awesome (and free) printable chore chart from ModEco Kids! i'm actually going to use this for me & anthony. i created this super intensive chart in excel, but seriously, it never gets looked at in its current home on the fridge. nor used. hopefully this one, being larger and colorful and simplistic will garner more attention.

in any case, i leave early tomorrow morning for california to meet up with my brother and shack up with s.g. and her husband (happy anniversary!). this trip is definitely making the end of the year bearable for me. it's back to that point again at work where little things are driving me completely batty and i shake my fists futilely in the air when certain people send me emails. i just can't take it. so i have the weekend in santa barbara and the rest of the week in monterey.

and so much is going on! restaurant week in monterey, zombie walk, the return of the monarch butterflies... i am so excited. my first trip to california! (and not just the inside of an airport.)

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Sleep Goblin said...

did you take this photo!? i love it!

also, i think the chore list is a great idea too! especially when it comes to things like the litter box, which we both conveniently assume the other has done.