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clean water

so clean you could lick it! these are the insides of the water fountain on the ground floor of the library. i daresay it hasn't been cleaned since it was installed.

raise your hands, who can believe it's already october? only one post from october 2008. where is time flying? seriously.

lots of things have been going on, i've just been a little radio silent.

  • i've been sick and exhausted and pensive, but am feeling better all around.
  • my job has signed me up for internet librarian 2009 in monterey, california! i get to travel and see another aquarium and hang out with sg! i'm also trying to get my brother to come with me so we can drink lots of wine. did i say lots? lots and lots. (although, truthfully, i'm a complete lightweight, let's not kid ourselves.)
  • did i mention that we're trying to buy a house? our first offer was rejected, but we're trying once more. cross your fingers!
  • house hunting in the summer really, really sucks. homes are vacant, temperatures are in the high 90s, a/c is off, humidity is through. the. roof.
  • it is highly likely that red room cinema is going to sxsw next year! *fizzy excitement*
i'm missing something... i can feel it. but perhaps that's enough for now.

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Sleep Goblin said...

there are lots of wine places near here. i counted once, and it was something like over 90 in santa barbara county!