california - day 1 {friday}

leavin' on a jet plane!


then arriving in charlotte. then leavin' on (another) jet plane!


then arriving in phoenix. then with the 3+ hour layover and the $11 wolfgang puck's salad and doing my nails next to the sunny window. then leavin' on a super teeny tiny plane!


and finally arriving in monterey, california!

within 10 minutes i had met up with my brother; his flight landed 5 minutes after mine and the monterey airport is minuscule. we then hopped in the rental car, had a lovely meal at a nearby hotel restaurant (surprisingly good and inexpensive) and we drove 4-ish hours to santa barbara. overall, it was 17 hours of travel time. exhausting!

finally at jessica & rob's apartment, we ate homemade popcorn and peanut butter ball mixture from a bowl with chocolate bars. we drank and played with their cats, felix and winston (adorable!) and then slept. *zonk*

quick thoughts of california:
- hills!
- highways are incredibly curvy
- ca drivers rock, at least in regards to not blocking the left lane
- did i mention the really curvy roads at 65 mph?
- at&t utterly blows for ca coverage for the iphone

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Sleep Goblin said...

hahaha. curvy is what we experienced on the mountain, and we only did, what? 35? our highways are natural, which for everywhere but florida, has some slight curvature.

i love your airplane photos! i can never get mine to look that good.

also, i'm curious. what ended up being your and vince's favorite wines?