it seems i am REALLY slow on getting those last days of california photos out! the problem is that so many of them are the same! it's hard to cull. i am learning the advantages of thinking before you shoot. digital can be the biggest pain in the ass when you have 10 photos of the same thing - you just have to pick 1 or 2 and delete the rest.

of course, when you're taking pictures and freezing in the 30 mph wind on the california coast being sprayed with ocean surf and cursing yourself for not turning back three days ago and picking up your hoodie which you left in santa barbara right as you left for monterey... you're not really thinking clearly.

some happenings:
  1. here's the link to our amazon storefront! it's like an online garage sale of books, a few musical accoutrements and a camera bag. more stuff coming. probably boring for most of you, however, for the tubes of the internet... who knows! our storefront is called Better Than Panhandling, which just tickles me to no end. we figure that if we can't sell it online, we'll just have a garage sale, then it'll trickle on to a thrift store.
  2. went out with the girls to watch 'new moon' on friday. it. was. awesome. not the movie, really, but the whole experience. being with friends, listening to extreme sexual objectification of males onscreen, chocolate & strawberry crepes and a glass of beaujolais made for a fabulous and relaxing evening. watching the movie, you'd hear shout-outs of "OH BABY!!", loud gasps of surprise when shirts came off or hilarious low moans of "yes... yeeeeeeesss..." followed by lots of reactionary laughter. and the movie itself way SO much better than the first - far fewer pained moments of embarrassment. another femmes-only movie night is definitely in the works!

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