so long, farewell

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sadly, rachel & lawrence left yesterday for fort worth, texas. monday afternoon was spent assisting in packing up their moving van and general cleaning. a fond farewell party was held at new world brewery where i got driz-unk on 4 glasses of beer (one was a blue moon from giordano's for $1.87! so cheap!) (and then i bought a $7 glass of delirium on draft - SO GOOD).

(i actually only like giordano's for their beer right now. stuffed pizza?! christ, it was like eating a loaf of cheese. even thinking about it grosses me out.)

you two will be missed! i will always keep a seat warm for you at la creperia and i'll toast you with every bottle of wine we drink! stay warm in texas and i hope to see you in austin in march!

goodbyes (28 of 28)

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