delicious cheap chocolately goodness


ahh... memories of world's finest...

we used to sell this for band; i remember the huge deliveries of boxes upon boxes of chocolate, stacked high in our band room. it would permeate the pores and you'd leave smelling chocolate in your nostrils.

almond is my favorite, although the caramel is pretty tasty as well. i eat whole bars for breakfast (thanks to my co-worker...). not really recommended, as one sugar crashes super fast!

girl scout cookies? out.

world's finest? in!


Sleep Goblin said...

i recall that chocolate. what did i sell it for? band? cheerleading? drama? i don't remember. most likely one of this first two, since i seem to remember it was middle school, and drama wasn't added until high school.

i loved it. i can't say i'd do away with girl scout cookies (which i also sold; in addition to lollipops, magazines, prom tickets, and god knows what else... it's hard to remember. damn, school children are hardcore salesmen...), but i have to say, i'd definitely take both.

madge said...

...ahhhh, memories!

miss lila said...

I remember those! The almond is my favorite too, and the individually-wrapped minty ones.

This year I'm trying homemade girl scout cookies -- the real ones are so good but so artificial. :( I might even bust out my old brownie uniform for that authentic girl-scout flavor, heehee!