it's humid!

when i got my new digs and desk at work, i found a humidity meter in one of the drawers. it's come in super handy when we're all freezing in the office and need to confirm that, yes, it's 61 degrees in the office - which is highly unacceptable. it basically gives us reason and justification to complain all the more.

so i brought it home to check out the humidity levels, which, i had felt, were way off the charts. a half ream of copy paper in the dining room had started to warp along the edges and you can't blame cardboard boxes when they're all gone.

the humidity is at 65%!!

68% in the bathroom 5 hours after a shower.

and, if you can believe it, it's actually better than it was - once anthony cracked and put on the heat (to about 65 degrees at the most), what i felt to be "a lot" of the humidity went away. but... i mean, what IS a normal humidity level?

according to wiki.answers, "a humidity level of 35-40 percent is considered best".

well, fuck.

looks like we'll definitely be getting a dehumidifier.

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