kitchen plumbing = disgusting

la, la, la...

unpacking boxes....

doing some dishes...

la, la, la....

oh, what's this?

renovation excitement-11

why is that ring thing sticking up?

pick pick pick


renovation excitement-12

ummm............ whoops!

my hulk-like strength got the best of me - granted, whatever was under there was kind of gross and moldy. fixin' time!!

with the help of the trusty library, i found out that this was a simple sink drain replacement needing plumber's putty and a spud wrench. in lieu of a spud wrench, one could use a channellock wrench, but c'mon! the opportunity to use a tool called a spud wrench? not passing that one up.

i was going to be in charge of this fixer-upper, but anthony ended up taking charge - i think he needed to feel manly spud wrench tools in his hands. i don't blame him. of course, it meant that i got to gag twenty billion times while attempting to clean out the sink pipe. the smell was utterly revolting and the second sink drain pipe seemed to have accumulated some sort of super greasy, yet crumbly, white, fatty deposit inside. again, i cannot stress the nasty funk smell enough.

renovation excitement-13

here's a little of the stuff in the bathroom sink. oh. god. *shudder*

don't worry, we threw the chopstick away.

but see! it was worth it! now both sinks look like this:

renovation excitement-14

beautiful, no?

turns out that the previous sink drains were actually installed incorrectly. only plumber's putty is between the sink drain and the sink - the old ones had the big washers installed on top, which caused them to get nasty and gross. not my fault!

renovation excitement-17

plumber's putty - $2
spud wrench - $3
2 sink drains - $11

total cost = $16 + major gag action

not too shabby!


Sleep Goblin said...

makes you think twice about what you put down your sink, doesn't it?

when our kitchen sink backed up, and people came to snake it, black goo went all over the kitchen. it's still not gone in places. it smelled AWFUL, and was apparently rotted pipe and other rotted things.


your new sink is beautiful. i'm looking forward to a post involving those lovely sinks you posted on flickr recently.

Chris Pia said...

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