more cheap house goods than you can shake a stick at

last monday, anthony and i had taken a day off work to get our house in order. granted, it's still super wonky, but it's getting there. for instance, i can't wait to paint it all primer white and then pick NEW colors! we already have the 5 gallon bucket o' primer, paintbrushes, rollers and canvas drop cloth. just waiting for the time to get it going!

in any case, we also took some advice from a friend and headed out to st. pete to the habitat for humanity restore (sorry lila!! i promise to call next time in advance!). we also attempted to go to layman's used merchandise, a salvage store, but it was closed on monday. curses!

the restore was amazing. we visited the one in tampa as well and we are stoked to visit again. all sorts of doors and tile and light fixtures and furniture!! it was like a crafter's paradise.

$65 for this HUGE light fixture! i added my foot for size reference.

renovation excitement-19

and if we had a master bath big enough for 2 sinks - wouldn't 2 different color sinks be so rad?! just the thought of it makes me giddy. sinks without faucets? $10. if there was a faucet attached - $15. bloody hell, people!!

renovation excitement-21

also available were doors. lots and lots of doors. which is great, because we need a super heavy thick one for the band room and we'll most likely move the old ("old") band room door to the garage for added security. so we can eventually get some rad front loaders for laundry. *le sigh*

renovation excitement-20

both locations had a plethora of these soap and toilet paper roll holders.

renovation excitement-23

who uses soap like this anymore? i kind of like bar soap and occasionally use it (assuming it's not at someone else's house and is all tiny and hard and dry and gross). seeing all this waste just makes me try and think of ways to use it up - BUT HOW? maybe some kind of ceramic walkway? a mosaic of baby pastels?

also loving all the chandelier sconces.

renovation excitement-22

and one last excitement - unintentional goatse!

renovation excitement-18

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DA858550 said...

beautiful bedframe. or is it because its a beautiful pic....
neither. its different

but really, great work!CHeck out mah blugg if you want