quite possibly, the worst

sunday, i had a delicious brunch with a library school friend at ceviche. such a good place to eat. such a hipster yuppie place to eat. i love it and at the same time am astounded at how the people who eat there dress. it's like they're out in force during fashion week. who has time for such things?! certainly not myself. if i can get both socks matching, i'm golden.

we had mimosas and fruit and curried potatoes and smoked salmon (2 kinds!). the weather was gorgeous and almost too hot at one point. once the sun passed by, it got a little more bearable. my fault for sitting in the sun.

but the real reason for the post was the server. he took forever to take our order, which, really, i was willing to overlook. ceviche is not known for its prompt service; thankfully the food and sangria often make up for that fact. the fun started when he brought out our check.

first, it had 2 extra desserts listed. we informed him and he brought it back to us.

and.... it wasn't our check at all. so he took it back.

and... finally it was right! so we handed over our 2 cards, wanting to split it down the middle.

and... he brought us someone else's bill with their 3 cards. wtf?! we couldn't get a hold of him, but we correctly surmised that it was a little switchup with the table next to us. appropriate handovers were exchanged, we got our bill with our cards back.

and... he charged my card twice.


it still makes me chuckle at the incompetence. i mean.... really?!!

we were able to get another server to help us and he canceled out one of my transactions and fixed the bill.

let's hope he was one of a kind!

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