grow, little babies

grow, little babies

last night (while watching bones, season 2, of course), i planted a bunch of little seedlings.

basil, eggplant, leeks a plenty, tomatoes. i splurged and bought the burpee $20 seed starter kit because it came with a little watering mat. i know my weaknesses. remembering to water plants is a serious downfall of mine. when the raised garden is complete, i'll be installing a micro-sprinkler system (free from the county!) on a timer.

at the housewarming party, my friend amy gave me a strawberry and tomato plant. and while they are both still alive, they have both gone through the throes of desert dry wilting and turgid revival a number of times. partly they need to be re-potted/planted, but i was waiting until the raised garden was complete. saturday is scheduled to be sunny. *crosses fingers*

i also have a bunch of carrots and beets, but i've read that they can just be sown outdoors. we'll see how it goes! did you know that you can plant 50 carrots in 1 square foot? i have no idea how to do this - do i plant them all at once? will they all be ready all at once? guess we'll find out!!


Sleep Goblin said...

*sigh* we're looking at two more years before we can buy a house... every time i think we're close to it, i find out we're not.

mahlichai said...

I'm so excited for your garden! you'll have to give me tips for when I am ready to start mine.

lepetitdoodler said...

plants die when they see me... hope your thumb's greener than mine!