happy housewarming!

belatedly, i offer the housewarming and birthday excitement that went on march 13th:

it was a fabulous gathering! our little house pulled through like a champ. as mentioned, i completed the craft room floor and was able to unpack all my boxes in less than 5 days. it was incredible how fast it finally came through once that floor was done. and the dining room! i had a dining room again!

anthony's parents came by in the afternoon - we made salami sandwiches and had coffee while we ran around finishing last minute stuff. then my parents and my brother's family came by to ooh and ahh a little later in the afternoon, closer to the start of the party. they brought a huge flat of strawberries and some delicious take-out (very strange food groups, i realize).

and they all loved the house! i mean, what's not to love? it IS a really awesome house. i'm constantly falling in love with it all over again.
and, not only did we have a mini-keg and delicious food from our friends (it was potluck style), i was lucky enough to have two cakes! (and to have people sing to me twice.) the first cake was a chocolate cake from publix (chocolately goodness....) and the second was a transcendent rainbow cake made by amy. unassuming white on the outside, surprising and delicious riotous rainbow of colors on the inside! here's a little slideshow with captions via pictobrowser:

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Sleep Goblin said...

looks like so much fun! your house is lovely :)

lepetitdoodler said...

waaaah! i want some of that rainbow cake. and waaaah! i love all the yellow in your home!

mahlichai said...

It was an awesome time. Your house is amazing. I'm experiencing some withdrawals. ;)