so, i'm in this total rut.

and i'm not sure how deep it is or when i'll be able to claw myself out of it.

it's not a bad rut, which makes it even worse.

what is it, you ask? all my nights have been taken up by the tv and the couch, maybe with the addition of a beer.

or two.

netflix is the new cable. our new cable, sans commercials. it's the future, no lie. (for us, at least.) we've been engrossed by movies and by the tv series 'bones'. it's not bad. so far, not great. kind of funny, interesting characters. the story is almost always predicable and while they tackle "big" issues like dead children and sex abuse, it feels heavy handed. also, anthony had made a comment about the main character's super square face and every time i see her in frontal view, i resist the urge to put my hands into L shapes and frame it.

i want to work on photos, on websites, on getting my shit together to start a wee little photo business, but my motivation is close to nil.



Brian said...

Denise and I went through something similar with Netflix and Lost. The only solace we found in the end was that they couldn't make the shows fast enough for us to watch them. The best part about getting out of a rut is realizing you're in one. Besides, looks like you've been hella busy with the house; sounds like you deserve a bit of a rut for a while :)

Sleep Goblin said...

I feel like I've been in this rut for over a year... The other day I posted a photo of something I made in like 20 minutes, and it felt like I'd accomplished a month's worth of work... :P

I wish I could tell you the show changes, but it doesn't. I continue to watch it because I love the characters so much, even though the writers are letting me down.

Bee said...

I can't say I've watched much Bones, but I know what you mean about the netflix instant viewing. I watched all 5 seasons of Alias in like a week and a half. What a loser!

mahlichai said...

Yeah, netflix is my cable tv too. I guess for now, with packing and getting ready for the house and stuff I have the time for it (because i started slowly packing like a month ago lol). The projects will come when we move *still crossing fingers!* I agree with what brian said, you've been so busy with the house it seems like a nice little relaxation period is deserved! But I do know how you feel as far as getting in the rut goes. I never did try Bones out, but as of recent we are hooked on Damages (currently on season 1). I can't believe I haven't heard more about this show before now. I'm just.. completely hooked. Ugh.