oh my jesus

so... close... to being... done....

4 days and counting

my body is less sore, but more tense. the house is an absolute hell hole. ant started laundry last night and seems to have exploded all over the living room. i simply closed my eyes and walked out, thankfully missing the completed IKEA varde cabinet just in front of the door.

if you look closely, there's a strange reflection in the stove (wrong time) that looks like a person leaning over. it's probably my inner soul, bent in exhaustion.

last night i was painting painting painting and happened to check my phone for the time. 11:00!?! when did that happen?

actual chain of events:

*checks phone*
*eyes widen in horror*
"holy shit, it's eleven!"
*drop everything, shower, brush teeth, get in bed*

five minutes later

"hey kim, um... did we need to wash these brushes?"

it was like i crashed, i didn't even put the paint away. so i got back up and cleaned the brushes and put the extra paint back in the can.

and then i crashed. for real this time.

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Sleep Goblin said...

*hugs* i love you. and on the plus side, it looks lovely.