wood! yay!

i am totally in love with this site, knock-off wood. (sounds dirty, no? our library firewall originally had this blocked for 'potentially damaging content'.)

when we first started looking at tables, the costs utterly astounded me.

correction: all the tables that i actually liked were insanely cost prohibitive (i.e. every table, say, from crate & barrel with a price tag over $2,000). it seemed that i either wanted a really awesomely retro (but probably shitty) under-$100 table (which anthony would hate) from a thrift or re-store... or a $2,000 table. there was nothing that caught my eye that was in between. nothing.

naturally, i thought, 'hey, why don't we make a table! i've made a big 'ol cedar chest before...' and then proceeded to check out a plethora of table-making books and dvds from the library. anthony was not convinced. he must always be convinced.

finally, by showing him this site, i have convinced him. he likes well made plans, whereas i am totally fly by the seat of my well-worn pants. i suppose this makes us a good match. we are planning on making this table sometime in the near future. it's based off of a table from restoration hardware that cost $2750. who the hell has that kind of money to spend on a dining room table?!

so many of these projects are doable and can look absolutely rad. not to mention pretty inexpensive. check it: outdoor tables!!

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Sleep Goblin said...

that is awesome! i can't wait until i'm jobless and have nothing to do but make stuff like this :D