kitchen [---------------------|- - - ] 80% complete


we're still working, baby steps, on the kitchen. earlier this week we finally put up some spice shelves! these were super cheap at ikea. we weren't sure if we wanted to use frame shelves, or these, but these were so inexpensive that they won out. it frees up some space in the pantry and makes the spices easily accessible. we considered buying glass spice jars with white lids to make it look all clean and modern, but decided against it for now thinking it might look a little too sterile. (i know, i know, the difficult life-changing decisions that must be made.)

there's still a bunch of clean-up painting left to be done in the kitchen - hopefully i can get that done by the end of july. hahaha. ha. ha. *ahem*



Madge said...

love those spice racks

mahlichai said...

Your kitchen is looking awesome! Love those spice racks! We just got some really cool ones that swing down from the cabinets. They do work, but what I really was trying to find was a wall spice rack, like the old school ones. Flea market maybe. Hm. Anyway, I didn't know they made them like that (yours) I really like that!