time to get dirty

in the heat of the moment

we found these this past spring in our backyard in the area that the previous owners had called their garden. we assumed that they were onions. are they onions? do onions flower so prettily? are onions a root? is "bulb" more proper?

during the day, i peeked into our neighbor's yard while returning one of their sons' foam balls back over the fence. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THEY HAD A FANTASTIC GARDEN. their house is a corner lot and sadly, much of the yard is actually in the front. their backyard consists of a pool, a lot of decking, a pergola thing and a small shed. it's nice, it's just got very little yard, so i was very surprised to see a thriving garden with bits of chicken wire back there. and i got so. jealous.

seriously, my garden is NOT doing well. it's barely hanging on at the seedling/less-than-seedling stage. i think i need some help. like more fertilizer. i've got 2 books coming my way, so i'm hoping they help. like, a lot. my shit is just not thriving.

*sigh* one day. maybe i should grow kale. that's easy to grow, right? the good is that my pepper plant looks awesome and my tiny zucchini actually have flowers on them. grow little zukes, grow! i even go out and fondle my tomato plants, since that helps them grow stronger (seriously). and i do have one little cherry tomato (thanks amy!).

c'mon 'in transit' books! get here fast!


Sleep Goblin said...

i'm not an expert on onions or anything, but i'm almost positive those are lilies.

lanet said...

Howdy - I can 100% confirm that they are amaryllis flowers. My mother has grown these bulbs for as long as I can remember : )