visited the family this past weekend. and it was fabulous.

vincent's restaurant is closing for the summer season and will reopen when the snowbirds flock down in the balmy florida winter. what's bad for him and his pocketbook is good for me and the family! we were ecstatic to spend so much time relaxing with him. his plans for the immediate future are to help dad out with the farm. he also has an open invitation to stay in tampa to look for another job if needed. because really? he lives in naples and what the fuck is anyone younger than 70 doing in naples?!?

tampa is no san francisco or chicago or boston, but still, it's better than naples. by a long shot.

i'm hoping to visit again in july and work on the farm. i also promise to share any and all farmer's tans i acquire. remember when i said how the summer days have been so great?

FAIL. right after that post it got muggy and humid. tonight the heat finally seemed to break - let's hope that lovely breeze and sub-90% humidity holds up. *crosses fingers*

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