if they don't win it's a shame


friday night saw me, anthony, ramon, alexis and saad at tropicana field, watching the rays get beat by the indians. i'm not going to lie, baseball is pretty boring to me, but mostly because, despite my amazing ability to zone out and watch every single pitch, i end up missing every exciting play the minute i turn my head or look down in order to nosh on my cotton candy. argh!! both times the hitters broke their bats? missed it.

i could see how some games might be exciting, unfortunately, this one was not it. *sigh* or perhaps, i need to be in one of those party boxes, drinking free $9 beers and eating delicious sushi.


me & ant, waiting in line to run out onto the field after the game to watch VANILLA ICE. yes, that vanilla ice. GO NINJA GO NINJA GO!

sadly, he only "played" his newer hip hop stuff - we left after 1.5 songs. but being out on the field was a really fun experience.


general milling about, waiting for the show to start.


alexis, groovin'.




next up? hockey!

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Smirking Cat said...

Ahhh, now you're talking! HOCKEY! Word of advice, though: don't bother with a Tampa Bay Lightning game if you want to see real hockey. Watching a Lightning game is only good for eliciting tears and feelings of shame.