we just got this totally rad hook for our kitchen! isn't it amazing? originally, i had wanted to get a bunch of cute cast iron vintage kitten hooks, but anthony laid the smack down and denied my inner kitsch. while i am not a full blown "crazy cat lady" - he said that kitten hooks would be my gateway drug purchase and my downfall. ... he may be right. (but you didn't hear that from me.) he also said that our kitchen is starting to look like a menagerie, not that an octopus really slows down our apparently inexorable drift.

seriously? i love it.


it's a little too high where it is in this picture, so we'll probably play with placement a little more. (was that not the most boring interior-design-y play by play sentence, ever?) (i mean, for real, like anyone cares if i move it 3 inches down? jesus h. christ.)

in any case, it was a splurge, but it was worth it. the only other octopus hook options looked like this.

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