hi, my name is kim and i have a problem


and that problem is striped shirts.

taken this morning in a bleary, less-than-ideal, half-alive/dressed state.

this weekend i was able to go thrifting with the incomparable yen and i found a rather large amount of clothing for $40; less than the price of one shirt at anthro! (i know, anthro is a sickness. a wallet-debilitating, beautiful, hipster sickness.) needless to say, at least 3 items were added to my collection of striped shirts. i tend to go through phases when thrifting - buying only men's long sleeve button up shirts, buying only black items, buying only white items, buying only brown and/or earth tone clothing. i have now moved on to striped clothing. no clue what it is, but they entrance me and i immediately add to my collection.

they're just so graphic! i can't help myself.

goals: more thrifting for clothing. do it.


Madge said...

i'm all about the stripes too! love.

Andrew said...

lol never resists the temptation.

lepetitdoodler said...

um, we should start a support group.