this should make draggy mondays a little less painful. only 75 cents to a dollar for some crappy-yet-get-it-done caffeine goodness.

... this, of course, assumes i carry any kind of cash around at all.



the weekend flew by all too quickly. anthony has started taking classes and this semester has been forced into taking 4 courses. thankfully, he's only working part-time, however, he's been studying non-stop since last monday. he's taken maybe 2 hours of "relax" time, but otherwise he's doing classwork. so. sucky.

the upside is that i am actually motivated to do work around the house! so i sewed curtains for the bathroom, for the kitchen extension and for the kitchen pantry area. one more small valance thing to complete for the kitchen extension and i'm done!

for now.

i may start priming the living room and dining room this week.

on a roll!!

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