i am seriously enjoying book club. and the taco bus makes a fucking amazing butternut squash taco. WAY better than their tofu taco. WAY.

anyways, it's friday, and unfortunately i have to work tomorrow. off sunday! so a nice and short weekend. but october will be here soon and with it, less humidity. i hope. semi-soon. ish. end of hurricane season.


anyways, i broke out my red french press again and LOVE. i used it with some oolong tea leaves and i'm feeling pleasantly awake. surprise! i'm going to have to splurge on good oolong tea now, i think. and another bar of world's famous chocolate.

the living room is 95% done, however, i'm considering forging ahead and painting the ceiling. i know, i'm a monster. a glutton for serious punishment. it's just that... the previous owners obviously used different types of paint on the ceiling and it's driving me insane. might as well paint it while most everything is out of the room! plus, i got brown paint on the ceiling near the edges. *sigh* might as well get that crap fixed, too. especially because i keep glancing about and then freaking out that it's a giant roach on the ceiling. but i definitely need a better step stool with multiple steps. midgie little ikea one-step isn't going to cut it.

i have some before photos, i'll definitely share them all when done.

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Madge said...

what do you read for book club!?