busy much?


and october shows no sign of slowing.

as noted, i've been painting the living room and dining room. then i thought i'd do the ceiling. ...and finish up the trim at the same time! turns out, they must not have used as high a gloss white as i bought for the trim. (i have no idea if that last sentence is grammatically correct. my head is ever so fuzzy.) so i ended up doing all the trim in the kitchen and the dining room/living room. the trim around the door had never been painted! the sides of the trim were messy with old paint! it was terrible, but now it is clean and lovely.

friday at work i started to get sick - it culminated in a sinus pressure head-fuck on monday. regardless of how i felt, i still went to ikea and home depot with ant and while i napped, he installed new lights in the kitchen! they. are. awesome. i love love love them.

i went to a zombie-themed film fail last weekend and a birthday party - all in the same day! i had fun, but wish i could have had more time at both. the impending sickness didn't help, of course. i think i wasn't as excitable as i could have been. october has always seemed the month for parties, though. i missed a sushi birthday dinner scheduled the same night as the film fail and the other birthday party. too much party! and this weekend we're having a tensday party and the weekend after... ugh, oh yes, i work. but then i have a girly retreat scheduled soon after. we plan on subsisting on wine, chocolate and lemon loaf - i'm so serious.

my conference was sadly scuttled, but the girly weekend should take care of any relaxation needs. i have books on the way and knitting plans afoot. *sigh* there's never enough time. ever.

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