is it friday yet?

image.jpeg, originally uploaded by gimchi.

i have a girly weekend planned this friday - sunday. i am soooooooooo stoked! here's my tentative list so far of items to bring.

i know, you're jealous.


Sleep Goblin said...

I am. Very. Because lemon loaf is delicious. Crusty bread is the best bread. Delicious cheese is.. delicious. Also, I have no girls to -y with.

Side note: my word verification is "laters". Aren't they supposed to be non-sensical?

Michelle said...

So. very. jealous.

I need some girl time in a biiiig way! Hope you have a fantabulous time, dear!

Side note: MY word verification is "logratte." This sounds like the next big thing from Starbucks... if only I were witty enough to know what it'll be....