have i mentioned my insane desire for a canister vacuum?

truly, it boggles the mind. first i wanted a dyson - one of those tiny city vacs. then anthony suggested i actually research them and while they're great, they're tiny and can't hold a lot of dirt - definitely more for a small city apartment than a home. with a little further research, i've heard dysons aren't necessarily *that* great. they're all plastic and how much should i spend when all i have are hardwood and tile floors?

of course, then i remembered my long ago fixation with miele vacuums. how could i have forgotten? they were an obsession of mine in high school. so beautiful, so german-engineered precise, so many toothsome colors... and what? $800?! a pass, albeit with a heavy, heavy sigh.

we're now looking at some electrolux models and hope to check some out at sears sometime soon.

how much more of a housewife can i become?! i can see all these bits of dust and trash on the floors or crumbs on the couch and all i can think is: a canister vacuum will solve all of my housecleaning problems.... when i vacuum (as opposed to when i sweep), i won't have leftover dust bunnies to give me agita! i will be able to clean under things without getting on my knees with the small hand broom only to have my glasses fall off my face!! i can easily suck up the dust on the big ledges of our molding!

rest assured, there'll be an unboxing post when i finally obtain my golden fleece.


Sleep Goblin said...

i wish you could come visit me and play with my dyson, because i honestly love it SO MUCH. and it does all the things you seem to want. did i mention rob got it refurbished and therefore much less than a new one? i've had it for 3 years now, and the filter is still somehow clean. and i vacuum serious amounts of litter.

if you do find something awesome, i'm excited to find out though.

also, the bending down to do things and having your glasses fall off. yeah. that's something that drives me INSANE.

Dragonslayer said...

Yeap, bought a refurbished one from overstock.com. I was a little hesitant about doing it, but we've had all of zero problems with it.

miss lila said...

Ha, I totally know what you mean about the vacuum - I hadn't had one of my own since we moved into the house until about a month ago, and I wanted a canister so badly (I hate uprights, useless things). I even went through pretty much the same process - wanted a Dyson, wasn't suuuper impressed, looked at more canisters, found Miele and DROOOOOL.... So guess what I splurged on? I figured if I was willing to spend ~$200 on a Dyson I might as well spend a bit more on a machine that's designed to last twenty years(!). I am IN LOVE with my Miele (Polaris, one of the lower-midrange models & nowhere NEAR $800 - Get thee to Amazon!). Sexy German design! Telescoping wand! Six settings! and I can vacuum while David sleeps, FO REALS (on the lowest setting. the highest one wants to suck the varnish off the floors). It's sort of really amazing. (Yep, how domesticated have we become?)

You're welcome to come over and play with my Miele - It's been way too long since I've seen you!