most likely i'll post a few pictures here and there from the trip - anthony's been working on school work (when we're not engrossed in our veronica mars marathons), so i've had no access to the computer.


here's the fabulous curtain and floor at the front of the lobby; the pattern on the floor faded away the further one got from the wall. totally want to do this on our back alley concrete floor.


the start of the drunkeness and wedding crashing began with wine. then wine and cheese in the room with the door open to watch the reception festivities, then just lots of wine.

it only took a few hours and 2 bottles of wine to end here:


on the floor, half undressed, blissed out and super relaxed. thank goodness for our swedish neighbors throwing their supply of wasa at us. we awoke at 4 am and drank water and munched on dry wasa wafers and thankfully weren't super hung over the next day. meaghan was *totally* fine; i, on the other hand, was slightly groggy and out of it. i am a wimp!

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