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christmas dinner was at our house this year! and really, it went over really smoothly. we had peppers and sausage (brought by anthony's parents), a braised paprika chicken dish, green bean salad, asparagus, salad, and a vegetarian stuffing. everything was delicious except for.. well... the paprika dish. it was good, just kind of bland. we'd made it a number of times previously and it thickened up beautifully! insanely delicious and eat-able! but this time, it didn't really thicken, which was sad. oh well. there's always another year!

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since my younger brother has to work on christmas eve and christmas day, we actually got together and celebrated early on the 23rd. it was kind of fabulous to have a house full of family, and surprisingly stress-free! i have high hopes for future celebrations.

afterwards, our family friend, jesse, came by on his way down from oklahoma and spent the night with us. he (and we) were exhausted. we stayed up, talked, relaxed and then zonked out completely.

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lepetitdoodler said...

party looks so warm and beautiful!!! *nom*

Smirking Cat said...

Wow, can your family give my family lessons on being in the same room and the law NOT being called?

Michelle said...

Looks like a wonderful celebration! So glad it went off relatively stress-free! This is another *good* sign of adulthood: when you can be the host for family gatherings!

Well done!

Miss you! Happy New Year!