smells divine


i love heading home and eating a delicious meal made by my dad. my new goal is to learn a new dish each time i come down. so far, i can make sour cabbage, pan-fried fish and hot & sour soup (other than the obvious and easy steamed veggies with garlic and little soy or oyster sauce).


here he's making breakfast noodle soup with baby bok choy, fish balls and steamed dumplings.




Michelle said...

Can you email me the recipe for hot and sour soup? I've finally found a restaurant that gets it *close* but not quite right from my fond high school remembrances....

Is it a family secret? Can I still be considered an honorary Yau? :)

Mmmm.... hot and sour.... *salivating*

Frangipan said...

Dumplings! I absolutely adore them, and these look sooo good!

lepetitdoodler said...

chinese food is still the best. there's something for everyone..........