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♥ tiffany ♥

thanksgiving was spent at anthony's parent's home - his mom's birthday was actually that day!

sal & rosco, sal giving his best mobster face.


a fabulously relaxing and delicious day. it prepped anthony for his foray into wal-mart at midnight with MAt; they are hardcore. i, of course, went to sleep.

friday evening was spent kicking a kickball around a giant baseball field with friends and their kids - fun times! kind of makes me want to get a kickball for our yard, as silly as we'd look kicking one around by ourselves. it also, again, showed me that i was out of shape, as my back started hurting after a small amount of time and i was a little sore the next day.

seriously, if i'm not constantly doing activity, it's like my body regresses exponentially. kind of scary. in fact, i'm sore, on a thursday, from a yoga class on tuesday.

... wait, maybe it was also from lugging around my 20 lb. sewing machine to and from the parking garage. that little workhorse is heavy.

saturday i did a family photo shoot in the morning and then we drove down to see my family for thanksgiving, part deux.

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we got to hang out with jesse on his birthday (*insert many exclamations about how i was there when he was a newborn and now he's taller than me and out of high school and in the air force and and and*) and eat even more good food.

anthony even tossed the 'ol pigskin around with my nephew! it was pretty shocking (given our mutual dislike of football) - and adorable.

can we please have more vacation days a year? please?

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