storms of early summer

they're definitely back here in florida and kind of lovely; lots of incredible lingering lightning in the grey skies as i drove from work the other day.

thankfully, anthony kindly moved my seedlings out of the hail that also came down - seedlings, saved!

(also, this has been irritating me, but i can't make up my mind on the whole "one space/two space" thing after a period. it's been utterly ingrained in my physical memory ever since i learned how to type in high school [on a computer, not a typewriter]. i could care less, but 1) extra spaces affect twitter counts and if i try to relearn "one space", it drives me crazy to have some sentences with one space and some sentences with two spaces.)

(/end pathetic non sequitur tangent)

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Dragonslayer said...

Dude, I'm totally struggling w/ the one-space two-space thing. I have more or less broken the two-space habit, but this is a lifetime of typing I'm trying to break here..why did this rule suddenly change, anyway?