newest addition

ant and i have been visiting the humane society for the past few months, looking at cute kittens and cats to bring home. it's been tough - i mean, they're all so cute!!

finally, since anthony will be home for a week, i went to the shelter on saturday and picked one out. i went by myself, because anthony couldn't make a decision - he would love anyone i brought home. as it was, i almost came home with two. :/


isn't he dreamy?? we haven't decided on a name yet, but we're still experimenting. he's super lovey and an absolute ragdoll. he's similar to yam in that he's kind of play-dumb and a bit skittish. we are already totally in love with him.

he's a very light kitten - a tinge lighter than this photo shows - and his fur is a medium length.



this is more his true color - very light! and his cute scaredy cat eyes!


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