faux mcD's

so wrong but so right - faux no meat mcdonalds burger with extra pickles!

when we first started dating, ant and i used to go to mcdonald's to get hamburgers, hold the meat.

hold the meat, you say? hell yes! that shit's gross and almost always gave me an upset stomach. probably because it's "meat" made of salt. it's amazing what they can do with technology these days.

there's just something so... wonderful about that spongy bun, the mix of ketchup and mustard and tiny little onions, and of course, the extra pickles. it's basically a vinegar sandwich. (my mouth literally started drooling.)

we don't get them that often nowadays, but when we had a cookout for friends of the family, anthony had this GENIUS idea to make one at home! and they're so fucking amazing. seriously.

in fact, i've had 3 in the past 4 days. it's kind of an obsession. i'm trying to rein it in, but they're just so... tasty.

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