morning person; morning, person

i'm trying out this "morning person" thing.

day 1 - success.

and by "success", i mean that i went to bed by 11, slept fitfully because i'd had to work until 9:15 pm that evening, set my alarm for 6:30 am, woke up and didn't go back to sleep.

it probably helps that i put my alarm in the kitchen and not next to the bed. keeps me from doing late-night "checks" on facebook and haven't "they" said that having gadgets next to the bed keeps one from sleeping well?

either way, let's see how long i can keep this up. it was nice to have an hour of time to get ready - heated up some coffee, read a little, snuggled with the kitten on the couch. i *almost* did some yoga, as i've been feeling all sorts of body old and ache-y, but maybe tomorrow morning.

have i mentioned that i also got a new job?! very exciting! i've been feeling very stagnant here at the library, with almost no options for me to advance, even though i'm doing the work of a statistics librarian combined with systems administrator duties and knowledge. LAME.

so when a programmer/analyst position came up with the county, associated with my old supervisor, i jumped at the chance. and i got it. hurrah! it's a raise, not huge, but i'm not saying 'no', and a co-worker mentioned to me yesterday that it's actually on the same pay grade as a principal librarian. what what?

it's good on the resume, it's good with the county to be moving up, and it's good for me, because i love new things and get bored easily. my first day will be august 15th - cannot. wait.

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