been a while

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yea, that kitten is totally freaking adorable. it's difficult not to gush all over him, but it's just because he's such a cuddler. as soon as you start petting him, he'll just fall over and give you his belly for smooshysmooshypets.

well, anyways, i've been busy.

and weirdly exhausted.

not sure if it's the monday nights that were making me totally wonk for 3 days after, or what, but it seems that simply working 1 night a week from 12:15 to 9:15 would incapacitate me completely. it wouldn't be until thursday that i'd start to feel normal. and today? thursday? totally not feeling normal.

it probably would have evened out, eventually.

i mean, i passed out, literally, while anthony was talking to me last night. it was maybe 6:00 or so and he was talking about something or other and i could feel my eyes getting heavy ('uh huh... yea... really? *attempting to stay awake*) and i foughtfoughtfought it, but i lost.

i fought the sleep and the sleep won. it was like i blacked out.

and today, driving down the road, in the sunshine, thank goodness, since it's finally stopped raining for some delicious heat and bright, bright sun, my eyes kept wanting to close and i had to stop off at a starbucks for an iced coffee to keep my mouth busy (which usually keeps me awake). if i sip slowly at something, i can maintain consciousness. the caffeine didn't hurt, either.

the good news?

no more monday nights! no more weekend work!

because, well, i got a new job.

i'm still a little forlorn/broken up/excited about it, but basically i'll no longer be a librarian. still working for the county, in a new department - fiscal & support services. and it's a pay raise. finally! my title will be "programmer/analyst". programalyst. better than analrapist?


... holy crap, it's 2:40 and i realize i haven't eaten yet.

... WTF.

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