damn it's chilly in the house. not to mention, having your bathroom turned into a mini-open-to-the-elements courtyard keeps us from turning on the heat.

(in truth, we're holding off on turning on the heat - electric blanket FTW!)

then again, sitting in front of the computer in the darkened craft room definitely doesn't help.

so how do you like my little board o' inspiration? well, less inspiration and more - this is what we're doing. i needed it to get a handle on the overall picture. it's been pretty helpful! and obviously totally not to scale. photoshop is hard, bitches. the floor tile isn't that... muddy looking and the blue mosaic glass tile is a bit brighter. ant got a gift certificate from his job for being so awesome, so we're gonna blow it on a hamper, probably that one from crate & barrel. thanks, corporate job!!

hampers in the real world are pretty tiny. it'll be nice to move it out of the bedroom, but this just means we'll have to keep up with the laundry in a big way. we'll see how it turns out.

in any case, we're into day 3 of the renovation. no set schedule, other than they work every business day until it's done. not too shabby. 7 more business days to go!

our contractor said that during the demo on wednesday, the entire tiled ceiling fell down with a single crack of his pry bar. whoops! not really what's supposed to happen. that baby was heavy and not really set properly. nice! it was also plastic/fiberglass sheeting on top of tile on top of tile.

i can't even begin to tell you how excited i am to take my first hot bath. i'm also really hoping we'll have a toilet by monday or tuesday night. preferably monday.

*crosses fingers*

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annie said...

whooooo! hot bath! and a working toilet. things to get excited about! i love all the stuff you've picked out. and i love that the ceiling came off in one chunk. better the tile guy than you, right? yikes. where are the photos, though?? i was hoping for some major demo before and after shots!