i've trying out this new site to track my life.
cons:  it's difficult to keep up with!  at least with how much water i drink - the alcohol is pretty close.
and i mean, what else to track?  what else is really important?  i've added a "work contentment level" to see how it relates to my sleep.  maybe hours of TV?  hours spent on my photography business?  (oy, that'll get me moving)
(she writes today about tracking her life, as she just posted yesterday about having too many things to do)

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Michelle said...

Actually, I'm thinking this could be a great way to keep track of my progress back to health (long story, but I have been diagnosed with a chronic autonomic disorder and am trying to get better)...

What about your creativity output? You're always talking about that here - what if you had something tangible to track your "creative hours." Like 2 units of photo editing + 1 hour of knitting in front of the tv. NOT tracking actual projects completed, but time put in.

Also, you could track your cleaning/organizing time spent. Could be another motivator!

I think I'm going to start an account now! You've got me thinking!