the sims - for people who have less than full lives

it's been striking me, lately, how incredibly lame the sims games are.

i get it, people like to relax, whatever. i think it's ridiculous when people make fun of gamers who enjoy skyrim. aren't i doing the same thing?

ah, but for me, i just don't understand how the HELL people find enjoyment in balancing their fake lives. question numero uno would be: how the HELL do these people balance their *actual* lives?!
probably i'm just jealous of their free time.

i've been feeling better about what (little) i can accomplish in a night, in a week, in a weekend. i give myself 3 things to do, sometimes one of those things is "go to bed early". seriously. lame, right? and "check the air filter" seems to have traveled through my lists for about 5 days. also lame. tonight! air filter will be checked!

and with this detox diet thing, DUDE. can we talk about how much prep juicing requires? did i mention the 48 lb bag of carrots in our fridge? 2 heads of cauliflower, 6 heads of broccoli, 9 beets, celery, lemons, limes... we spent $70 at sanwa, this kind of wholesale, faux farmer's market here in tampa. the prices are *insane* awesome for our wallets.

i just watched some knife skills videos. because i realize now, i need them. tonight i will be sharpening my knifes. (maybe, it's not on my list.) this process needs to get faster, because i can't spend 3 hrs in the kitchen every night, prepping for the next day.

and, for the curious ones, it's the 28 day mind+body challenge on wholeliving.com.  no alcohol, caffeine, gluten, processed foods, dairy or added sugar. rawr - hardcore. (i'll have to cheat at virginia's bachelorette party, though, since it's over a weekend in another city.)

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annie said...

apparently i lead a very full life, since the last time i played sims was around 2000. possibly. however, going to bed early is also on my to-do list every day, so maybe my life isn't as exciting as initially thought.

yay! juicing! you've inspired me to stalk the thrift stores around here to find a juicer and drink more juice. lucky for me, the bachelorette party i attended was three weeks ago, so i'm in the clear for booze and processed food-like substances. whoo!

(word verification today: witti. cute.)