while at work, brushing my teeth in the dusky pink bathroom, i realized:
1) i need more sleep
2) i need to let go
i'm starting to feel that stress of trying to organize and control too much, of having too many projects going on at once.  photos to edit, things to knit, things to sew, drawings to complete, a house to cozy-fy.
... which is probably why i also want to cut my hair again with my trusty scissors.  control!!  I CAN CUT MY OWN HAIR!!  I CAN DO THINGS!!!
i'm afraid it might turn out badly, but i've also started to cultivate a "so what?" kind of attitude.  my shoes are frumpy and falling apart at the seams, it's just not professional!  so what?  my haircut is terrible and i look terrible and i don't wear makeup to cover my adult onset zits!  so what?
ummmm, brain fritz, not sure what my point was.
but, the good news is that i can say, "hello, how are you?" in cantonese.

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