These shitty iPhone pics will have to suffice for now! Great, no? WE LOVE IT.


Sleep Goblin said...

*laughing* Oh god. When the before post came through my reader, I didn't see that the titel was Way Before, just the text in the post with the pictures. And I was like... huh. It's okay, but hardly catalog worthy as I've heard people say.

And then today I see the after picture and I was like HOT DAMN!!! It is so gorgeous! I'm so glad the before photos were befores! *swoon*

The colors are excellent, and I am particularly fond of that floor. What is it?

Madge said...

kimberlina, girl! you have a gorgeous powder room. it turned out great!!

VT said...

Ooooh lala. Muy nice!! Hopefully I'll get to see, or even better *use* it in person sometime :)