On Friday, I went to the beach with my friend, and it was super fantastic! Not to mention, I took a vacation day to go there.

My birthday was Wednesday, I went to work, it was totally fine. Thursday rolled around, and I wanted to kill somebody. Downtown was filled to the brim with teenage thespians singing and cavorting in thundering herds. Rude old women asked me for directions. The cobbler still didn't have my shoes ready, after two fucking months. Also, I had to, well, be at work. Did I mention that it was a Thursday?

Anyways, I got my vacation day and spent a bit of time in the sun, recharging. I hated the beach when I was younger. It was hot, I hated getting sandy, I hated being sticky and sweaty, I disliked sunburns. That part still holds true. I will put on SPF 50 and bake. Seems counterintuitive, possibly, but tanning is't truly my objective. I think I just need the sunshine to recharge my inner zen batteries that keep me on an even keel.

Just thinking about out day makes me sigh in relaxation. This summer? More beach.

About the outfit pic - the morning we headed out, I realized I don't have a swimsuit coverup! I attempted to cut up a tank top to make one, but uhhhh, ended up looking like so much linty white trash. Then I remembered that I DID have one, I just didn't have a shelf to keep it up. Voila! Length of ribbon plus 2 safety pins.

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