stupidly, i stayed up until 1 am last night.
amazingly, i am at work.
i'm working, but the bare minimum.  my poor body is very unhappy with me today.  (in fact, i just zoned out for 10 seconds there, just staring and listening to a co-worker's short phone conversation.)
i was baking another 3 layer cake for a work party and watching season 2 of the office (uk) - and when i was done, of COURSE i just had to finish that last christmas special episode.  i mean, you can't just stop in the middle like that.  *le sigh* 
and you know what totally wakes you up, widens your eyes, and stops you from getting back into bed for a snooze-a-thon?  charging your phone in the kitchen, trudging out to turn off the alarm....  and stepping in cold hairball mixture.  truly, that shit will wake you straight up.  i suppose i can thank wash for my being at work today.  physically, at least.
at work at present, i'm just waiting.  waiting to start a big project in a bit that will have me training people and working on something totally different from databases and numbers.  that's what i'm hoping, at least.  in the meantime, to keep my spirits up, i think i'll work on my resume, just in case.  just in case i snap.

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