feeling a little low at present.

have had crazy bad back pain recently and was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease.  say what?  it's the term for "normal" wear and tear, but it still sounds terrible, no?

the space between my last vertebrae and my sacrum is very tiny.  i'll be spending the next 6 weeks doing some physical therapy to try and widen the gap and lessen the disc pressure that's giving me muscle spasms.  *le sigh*

just... feeling old.

but getting photo session contacts and feeling excited about photography again, which is a good thing.


annie said...

:( i'm sorry for all the back troubles. hopefully the physical therapy helps and you won't have any more trouble.

the photography sounds awesome, though! i'm jealous of your little space you posted yesterday. and the kitty...i just want to pet pet pet the little kitty head.

Sleep Goblin said...

I'm excited for your photography stuff! I love your photos so much :)

I hope the pt goes well for you. Have you tried taking glucosamine supplements? It's supposed to help cushion your joints, and I noticed an improvement when I was having troubles with the joins in my fingers from climbing. I took the glucosamine with msm and chondroitin. I don't think it will "cure" you or anything, but it might help!

DJ Jazzy Jen said...

I hope the physical therapy helps, it did wonders for me. I was having disk pressure and spasms from a car accident injury. It had gotten to where I was so uncomfortable I couldn't sit for any length if time and I was in too much pain to clean. 3 months of therapy and I was pretty well back to normal. About a year ago I started to have problems again and then I started biking and the pain went away. I think something about being stretched out over a bike really helps.