am developing a strong love of tripels. (tripel?  tripel beers?  tripel ales?)
have spent the last 5 nights on my computer, doing quite a bit of photo editing.
have learned that i love natural light photography and that i need to work on using flash and strobes.
have strong desires to 1) buy more clothes, 2) buy more shoes, 3) buy a new computer and 4) buy a lot of expensive photo equipment.
new shoe obsession: cydwoq. 
terrible name, no?  but i utterly drooled over these shoes in new york.  they're handmade shoes!  fancy women's shoes and for some reason especially, fancy men's shoes, make my heart flutter.  they're just so drop-dead, damn sexy.  is it that they're so narrow and svelte?  the stitching?  i'll have to ponder over their site a few more hours and figure this out...


Dragonslayer said...

Not sure if you can get Victory beers near Tampa, but their Golden Monkey is magically delicious. They also make a V-12 for those special occasions where ya needs to get crunk.

Accoring to their beerfinder (clicky), they distribute near Tampa.

DJ Jazzy Jen said...

I lurve tripels, that's my favorite style! Yums.